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WRJSL Service From the Heart Spotlight

WRJSL is honored to be hosting the 56th annual Candlelight Gala. This tradition started in 1967 and continues today. Without the support of so many of our members, friends, families, and associates the organization would not exist. We hope you will join us in supporting the 2024 Gala by purchasing a ticket, a gift, a sponsorship, or by making a donation.

Starting November 5, 2023, we will be sharing weekly interviews or personal experiences from our members who volunteer and give of their time and resources. We hope that you take a moment to get to know us.





What was your most memorable service project?  What made it special?

There have been many memorable volunteer opportunities. I love:

  1. Helping out at the back to school bash put on by the Salvation Army. Those children who receive clothing, supplies etc are in such need and it feels good to be a small part of getting them what they need to be prepared to learn.
  2. Helping at End 68 hours of hunger. These two ladies have built a small empire helping to feed children and their families over the weekend breaks from school. We have packed bags and even collected food items throughout the years.
  3. Ringing bells at the mall to collect money for the Salvation Army during the holidays. This always puts me in the “spirit” and warms my heart to see how generous people can be.
  4. Working with the Women’s Center at Lakeland and Leaf to revive our WRJSL scholarship last year.


What knowledge have you gained from being a member of WRJSL? 

I have gained insights into the needs of our community and the nonprofits who serve our community. When I co-chaired the gala it was a challenge, but I was proud of how it all came together….it takes a village!


What nonprofits have you volunteered for?

I have volunteered at Suit Yourself, Birthright, ESL tutor for adults , and college Now mentoring of late.


Do you feel that your experience in WRJSL has helped you in your career? 

I joined WRJSL at my retirement from providing Speech/language  therapy services to children at PCLS. I think I’ve grown in my abilities to speak my mind, and I’m more comfortable speaking to a group than I was.


Is there something special that you would like to share about WRJSL?  

I think it’s important for women to interact with other women. Though we may come from different backgrounds and experiences, we have much in common. We need to back each other up and support the abilities that we each possess. WRJSL is the perfect forum for this support.



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