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President’s Message

Welcome to Spring 2024. We look forward to our general meeting and our “Woman in History” Performer’s appearance. We are honored that is a woman of distinction Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87. The pint-sized powerhouse broke barriers both in her personal and professional life to become a Supreme Court Judge and pop culture icon. Here's what makes RBG&#39’s accomplishments so groundbreaking. She fought tirelessly for gender equality under the law. She battled sexism in her own life and career. She juggled motherhood and caring for her cancer-stricken husband while still in law school. As a Supreme Court Justice, she was a role model for what every young girl (and every adult woman, for that matter) is capable of achieving. She is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I look at the last sentence of our mission statement. “We value commitment, honor tradition, foster personal growth, expect accountability, share accomplishments, cherish friendships and proudly hold high standards in all that we do.” RBG represented all of these things that we value in our own organization. One of the keynote items that stand out is fostering personal growth. With out women like RBG, our founding mothers and our many dedicated active, transitionals and sustainers we would not be an organization that has withstood the test of 61 years. Personal growth is alive and well in WRJSL. Remember, personal growth is not a destination; it’s a lifelong adventure.

Embrace it, learn from every step, and watch yourself flourish.

Our 2023 – 2024 Board Members

2023 – 2024 Officers


Pam Morse


Jennie Best

Corresponding Secretary

Debbie Kennedy

Recording Secretary

Pam Fraser


Paula Gordos

2023 – 2024 Board Members


Diana Kokal

Karrie Shannon

Connie Irvin (Sustainer Advisor)

Community Research

Rita Combs

Rita Antalovich

Rikke Coach (Sustainer Advisor)

Endowment Fund

Michelle Haag

Maureen Dolan

Sue Ellis (Sustainer Advisor)


Paula Gordos

Donna Skufca (Sustainer Advisor)


Carrie Lane

Michele Johnson

Rena Ellwanger (Sustainer Advisor)

Meeting Management

Cheryl Kuonen

Jennie Best

Diana Yount (Sustainer Advisor)


Maureen Dolan

Vickie McDonald

Ame West (Sustainer Advisor)


Vicki Levan

Rachelle Sundberg

Kathie Hannibal (Sustainer Advisor)

Past President

Carrie Lane


Debbie Kennedy

Desiree Wilcox

Mary Jo Fryauff (Sustainer Advisor)

Policy & By-Laws

Susan Fatica

Vickie McDonald

Lynne Killgore (Sustainer Advisor)


Molly Bammerlin

Janet McGee

Libby Hill (Sustainer Advisor)

Public Relations / Social Media

Cara Mia Duncan

Juliana Petti

Becky Tuma – Website (Sustainer Advisor)

Ways & Means

Carrie Lane

Heidi Landgraf

Brooke Marlow (Sustainer Advisor)

Candlelight Gala

Carrie Lane

Susan Fatica

Eastern Lake County

Maureen Dolan


Carrie Lane

Susan Fatica

Sustainer Trustees

Pam Martin

Mary Jo Miller

Chris Price

Leadership Lake County

Ali Wilson

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